3rd International Conference and Exhibition of Medical Rescue

The RESCUE EXPO 2016 International Exhibition and Conference of Medical Rescue is dedicated to all emergency medicine entities. With the lead topic of Collaboration in Rescue Operations and Emergency Medicine, the event is organised in close partnership with the Polish Professional Paramedic Association (SZRM).
Paramedics can earn 16 credits.

RESCUE EXPO includes an exhibition, exercises and a conference. The aim of the project is to present the latest trends and standards of procedure in rescue operations and emergency medicine. It is a forum to enable the exchange of know-how, experience and expectations between the research community, manufacturers, suppliers and users of equipment.

Rescue Expo 2016 will include:
  1. The ALERT 2016 Science & Training Conference on Collaboration in Rescue Operations and Emergency Medicine
  2. Thematic courses and training sessions
  3. The Baltic Rescue Challenge 2016 rescue competition
  4. Emergency Services Exhibition (the latest in ambulances, groups and specialist equipment for the State Fire Service, the Armed Forces and the Police)
  5. Showcase of safety, security, rescue and emergency medicine companies, with an emergency services fashion show
  6. Rescue and emergency exercises and demonstrations: collaboration between services in crisis situations
  7. Qualified First Aid workshops for uniformed services